How does this sound? “Drink a cup of coffee to support my…”
  • School, Sports Team, Class Trip
  • Local/National Charity, Non-Profit
  • Church, Youth Group, Missions, Special Project  
 We’re a non-traditional, EASY fundraiser program that’s all about drinking coffee to support your organization!
This coffee fundraiser can raise money through volunteers and/or sales displays that proudly showcase your organizations information. We offer literature, customized to your organization, for volunteers to distribute while selling door-to-door, at trade shows or Sunday morning church. It does an excellent job spreading the word about you or an upcoming event you’re planning.
At a $1 price, it’s VERY easy to sell! You’ll see a high engagement rate with your audience and every cup of coffee returns a 40% profit to your organization.


There’s no brewing coffee to sell it!
We blend gourmet roasted Coffee Beans with Organic Ganoderma and other Myco-herbs. It’s healthy coffee!! Our coffee is “pre-brewed” in 1-cup sized stick-packs, it can be sold ANYWHERE!

“One of the most powerful fundraiser programs available!”

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